Bukonzo (Uganda) - Single Origin

Bukonzo (Uganda) - Single Origin

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Brew Method:           Filter

Tasting Notes:          Chocolate, Fig, Black Tea

Country of Origin:   Uganda

Certifications:          Fair Trade Organic

Farm:         Bukonzo Organics Cooperative        Region:      Rwenzori Mountains

Varietal:     SL14 & SL28, Typica                         Altitude:    1,350m

Process:     Washed


Bukonzo Organics Cooperative Union are a relatively young, women-run cooperative operating at the frontier of specialty coffee. They are in the Rwenzori region, also known as the Mountains of the Moon, in part, because of how arid the environment can be. But this group has cut out a series of 36 microstations for processing specialty washed arabica, and are FTO at that.