Nensebo Suke (Ethiopia) - Single Origin

Nensebo Suke (Ethiopia) - Single Origin

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Brew Method:           Filter/Espresso

Tasting Notes:          Nectarine - Passion Fruit - Honey

Country of Origin:   Ethiopia

Farmer:      Abdella Nabi Galgiyo                       Region:      Sidama, West Arsi, Nensebo

Varietal:     Karaaru & Badessa                           Altitude:    1,900 - 2,100m

Process:     Natural

The story of this coffee is a true success story and one that we admire. Abdella Nabi Galgiyo started in coffee in 1982 as a small-scale trader of coffee and other commodities. As his business grew over time, he later started a small cooperative to run a dry mill and started moving larger volumes of coffee, which he began to brand Suke Coffee. After much success, Abdella started his own farm in 2018, and the next year saw his first harvest. In 2020, he processed his first farm lot for export and here we are today with a truly amazing coffee.

Abdella's journey spans over decades. We admire his entrepreneurial spirit, his willingness to take risks and grow from those experiences. Nensebo Suke is a fruit forward coffee, super sweet. It makes a pleasantly sweet drip coffee and an interesting espresso.