Yi Wu (China) - Single Origin

Yi Wu (China) - Single Origin

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Brew Method:           Filter/Espresso

Tasting Notes:          Grenadine, Plum and Pecan

Country of Origin:   China

Farm:         Xiao Xin Zhai                Region:      Yi Wu. Yunnan

Varietal:     Catimor                        Altitude:    1,400 - 1,600m

Process:     Natural

Kan Niu Shan, the region close to the Laos border, in the South West region of China and home to many ethnic minorities including Hani, Miao, Dai is where our latest Single Origin coffee (Yi Wu) hails from. What makes this region extra special is its long history in producing exceptional tea and in recent years have been building a good reputation for Specialty Coffee.

This microlot coffee is naturally processed, it boasts unique tasting notes, it makes a flavourful espresso and a sweet coffee as a pour over or drip. The brewing method chosen will bring out the various complexities in this coffee as it has a very pleasant, yet unique flavour profile. 

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