Pulling an Espresso Shot

Espresso makes the world go round! There’s nothing like 9 bars of pressure forcing out a perfect shot of espresso – sweet, with a slightly sour crema. Whether you’re taking it to the next level and crafting lattes, or pouring cappuccinos, the most important part is the espresso.


- Grinder with espresso setting

- Portafilter (standard or bottomless)

- Portafilter Basket

- Espresso Machine

- Scale and Timer

- Mug


RATIO: 1:2.1

YIELD: 30g (+/-)

EXTRACTION: 0:30 (+/-)

Step 1:

Dose coffee into portafilter.

Step 2:

Double check dose by weighing.

Step 3:

Distribute until bed of coffee is as even as possible to promote even extraction and prevent channeling.

Step 4:

Tamp as evenly as possible to ensure a flat, even bed; 30lbs of pressure is ideal for consistency and to prevent channeling.

Step 5:

Insert portafilter into espresso machine, place mug on scale, and start pulling shot.

Step 6:

Weigh shot during extraction, stop shot at 30g of weight, within the window of 0:30 seconds of extraction. Enjoy.