Brewing a French Press

This tried and true European brewing method is in immersion style brew. Known for producing an intense, very bold coffee, the French Press is an easy to use, consistent brewing method! You’ll notice that the brew won’t be as clear, and the coffee will have a slight muddiness. This is the total dissolved solubles.


- Grinder

- French Press

- Scale and Timer

- Kettle


DOSE: 40g of Back Road Coffee

WATER: 400g

RATIO:  1:10

EXTRACTION: 4:00 minutes

Step 1:

Grind Back Road Coffee beans to a coarse grind. Pour ground coffee into the bottom of the French Press. Place on scale and tare.

Step 2:

Turn on your timer. Pour 200g of 96°C (204°F) water into French Press, stir, and wait 30 seconds to allow bloom.

Step 3:

Pour remaining of hot water into French Press.

Step 4:

When timer hits 4:00, slowly plunge, decant into your favourite server or
serve immediately otherwise coffee will become over-extracted.

Step 5: