Brewing a Kalita Wave Pour Over

The wavy contours of this brewer, along with the flat bottom filters used helps ensure an even extraction while brewing. Its steel design also makes it a perfect portable and durable brewer to take with you on your travels.


- Grinder

- Kalita Wave Dripper

- Kalita Wave Filter

- Server

- Scale & Timer

- Gooseneck Kettle


DOSE: 20g of Back Road Coffee WATER: 300g

RATIO: 1:15


Step 1:

Set up server and dripper on the scale. Insert the Kalita Wave filter inside dripper. Turn on your kettle to 96°C (204°F). Once hot, warm up dripper, filter, and server by pouring hot water down the sides of the dripper; discard water.

Step 2:

Measure out 20g of beans, grind and dose into filter. Place pour over onto scale and tare.

Step 3:

Start the timer, and begin pouring in a circular motion for the bloom. Pour 100g of water over coffee bed. Use a stir stick and stir from north to south, east to west in sure, even strokes to wet all coffee grounds. Wait for water to drain.

Step 4:

Pour to 100g in a slow, outward spiral from center of the dripper. Pour remaining 100g. Wait until coffee stops dripping to taste.

Step 5:

Remove dripper, pour and enjoy!