Anahi Tropical (Brazil) - Single Origin - 250g

Anahi Tropical (Brazil) - Single Origin - 250g

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If you were subscribed to Leaderboard the Coffee game a couple months ago, you tasted some pretty exceptional coffees, but if you didn't, Anahi Tropical was one of those coffees so you'll be to at least taste one of them.

So you may think a coffee from Brazil would be chocolatey and nutty and just a good traditional cup of coffee. This coffee is a solid cup coffee, but traditional it is not. This coffee is an Aerobic fermented coffee, so the farmer Danillo Barbosa used a unique process method to bring out a completely unique profile of flavours. You could get a back note of chocolatey sweetness, but at the front is burst of incredible fruit flavours.


Tasting Notes:          Guava Candy  -  Honeydew Melon

Country of Origin:   Brazil

Farmer:      Cachoeira                              Region:      Cerrado Mineiro

Varietal:     Yellow Catuai                         Altitude:    1,200m

Process:     Natural Aerobic (fermented 72 hours)