Pacayal (Honduras) - Single Origin

Pacayal (Honduras) - Single Origin

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Brew Method:           Filter

Tasting Notes:          Berry Jam, Mango, Complex

Country of Origin:   Honduras

Certifications:          Certified Organic

Farm:         Pacayal Farm                   Region:      Marcala

Varietal:     Typica                             Altitude:    1,700m

Process:     Natural

Pacayal was born out of the resilience of Honduran farmers who refused to give up on coffee production in the face of the Roya outbreak of 2013. Founded by Edgar and Karen Carillo in 2014 and encompassing 134 members (54 of whom are women), the motto of the organization is "quality does not suffer crisis", speaking to the dedication  of Pacayal Coffee to produce exceptional coffee and improve the livelihoods of farmers.

Pacayal invests in several initiatives for producers, including best agricultural practices training to prevent Roya, economic empowerment programs for women, sustainable production practices training, and quality research to development award-winning coffees.