Our Story

Best friends since high school, Brothers-in-Law Michel and Alex have been hitting the road on their motorcycles together since the moment they were old enough to get on a bike. As they got older, and worked to help grow their family business, they struggled to find that balance that would help them satisfy all their values: family, work, freedom. So, after selling off the family business, they went to the drawing board.

Being riders and always meeting up at coffee shops, they could never find that perfect culture shop that lived in both worlds. So, they decided to create it themselves. Dreaming of living a life that combines passion and family within their daily activities, Michel and Alex, founded Back Road to reach the balance between living free, working, and spending time with family.

Inspired by the country in which we live and the vast natural beauty of its great outdoors, the guys chose to create a brand. “Taking the back roads” inspires you to take the long way, the longer way, without cutting corners in order to experience the best life has to offer and not miss any moments along the journey. We apply this same philosophy to everything we do. We take the longer way, the time to ensure that quality is preserved, the time to do it ourselves.

It’s with the creation of Back Road Motor Coffee Co. that the boys found their “free way”. Together with their families, Back Road is a true family endeavour where we do everything we can in-house. From the art on our apparel and our leather accessories to our coffee roasting, we do it ourselves because we love sharing our passions with you.

Back Road Motor Coffee Co. is a motor and coffee culture shop that allows us to share with you our true passions while bringing you along with our family. In today's landscape, obligations and expectations are part of daily lives. Living free is a dream, an ideology we all strive and hope for. Obligation is often seen as an obstacle to living free, but we invite you to change that perspective, and define your representation of freedom. At work, with family, in your hobbies... be wild, be yourself. Whatever that may look like to you, find your free way. The day you stop conforming and start doing things your way is the day you truly live free.